About Elevation Studio

Elevation Studio is a photography and design studio based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

My name is Melissa and I am the creator of Elevation Studio. While my primary focus is landscape & nature photography, I also offer:

  • Portrait photography (individuals, couples, infants, pets, etc.)
  • Event photography
  • Custom design work (print media, websites, etc.)
  • Consulting (search engine optimization, social media strategy and content, etc.)

You'll typically find me in the Colorado mountains, crouching in the boulders to get a landscape shot. 

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my husband and dog. We hike...a lot.

I've been hiding behind a viewfinder ever since my parents got me my first analog camera before I was 10 years old. 

I learned how to use photo editing programs in 6th grade and got my first copy of Photoshop CS3 when I was in high school. I've made a career out of graphic design and information architecture and kept up my photography habit on the side. While my first love is landscape photography, I'm slowly teaching myself portrait photography. 

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