Little Lambs Preschool Rebranding

Little Lambs Lutheran Preschool needed a refreshed look and digital makeover. Their office staff’s time was limited and they needed a solution that worked within their existing web hosting platform. 

To start, I sat down with the office staff to determine what their goals were. We decided that they needed a logo, mobile-friendly website, and refreshed social media presence to start. It was important to involve the time and talents of the associated church congregation, so we formed a team of a graphic designer to create the logo, a photographer to take beautiful new photos, and a web designer.

The graphic designer created a new logo and chose a color scheme; the photographer took updated photos of the grounds, staff, and students, and I then worked within their existing web platform, Wordpress, to create a modern, mobile-friendly design. 

This is still a work in progress; next up is laying out a realistic plan of action for updating their social media presence and printed materials. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued progress!

See the live site:



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